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      December 2018
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      I have stopped updating this blog.

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      rawkam.com has moved to its own website ritambhara.in with lot of Interview Questions, articles and Videos.

    About Me

    RawKam was started as an educational setup to train professionals for the technical test and interview of IT companies. It was a small setup with intentions of educational excellence and not money making.

    In a small stint of 1 years, 10 students got good placements. Though the placements were a result of student’s hard work as well, it was immensely satisfying as a teacher. But, it becomes too much to focus along with the regular office job. So I gave teaching a break and decided to concentrate on my Job.

    The desire was, and still is, to teach and help students. The only difference is that, now RawKam classes will be virtual ! Some day, when there is enough savings to pay for my bills, RawKam will be relaunched – touch wood !

    Please feel free to ask any questions. I will try my level best to give a comprehensive and complete answer.

    Your feedback, comments, suggestions and criticism are welcome !


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